White Latin Dance Shirt for Men with Sequins


  1. High-Quality Material: Crafted from 4-way stretch lightweight Lycra, providing both flexibility and durability, allowing for a full range of motion during any routine.
  2. Elegant Design: Accented with strategically placed sequins and Swarovski Rhinestones that catch the light, drawing attention to your dance moves.
  3. Superior Fit: Medium-sized and tailored to fit well, complementing your physique and enhancing your performance without restricting movement.
  4. Comfortable Wear: The smooth Lycra fabric provides a soft touch against the skin, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your performance.
  5. Stylish Performance: This shirt not only adds elegance to your outfit but also boosts your confidence on the dance floor.
  6. Versatile Use: Perfect for parties, dance competitions, performances, or even casual practice.

Size: Medium

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)