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Welcome to Flamingo Sportswear, where creativity meets passion and skill. Our seasoned team, comprised of expert designers and sewing technicians, creates magnificent Ballroom and Latin Dresses, Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards, Ice Figure Skating Leotards, and Belly Dance Costumes for performers across the globe. We pride ourselves in designing for numerous World Class Dancers, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Ice Figure Skating professionals from the USA and Europe.

The inception of Flamingo Sportswear was driven by a group of enthusiastic developers and entrepreneurs who sought to convert their years of industry experience into a unique online platform. It is our joy to present to you this web store, and we are hopeful that you will enjoy your shopping experience just as much as we relish providing these exceptional products.

Our fundamental objective is to create an accessible and intuitive online shop where you can effortlessly find the product you need. In collaboration with our esteemed partners around the world, we present to you a vast selection of dancewear for men, women, boys, and girls.

At Flamingo Sportswear, we cater to all your dancewear needs. From Ballroom Dancing to Belly Dancing, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and beyond, our catalog comprises everything you would require for Performance, Social Dancing, Practice, and more. Dive into our diverse range, and experience the quality and elegance we have to offer. Your perfect performance outfit awaits. Welcome to Flamingo Sportswear – where passion meets performance.



At Flamingo Sportswear, we understand that your time is valuable and precious. This is why we’re devoted to making your online shopping experience not just quick, but also enjoyable and stress-free. Our team, driven by a fervor for exceptional service, is dedicated to ensuring that every interaction you have with us is a positive one.

Customer satisfaction sits at the heart of our operations. We want you to love every item you purchase. However, if you aren’t entirely happy with your selection, we encourage you to return your purchase for a full refund. We are committed to delivering a service that ensures you’re always pleased with your experience.

In addition to offering highly competitive prices, we also provide frequent promotions and seasonal sales. We strive to give you the best possible value for money, without compromising on the quality of our products.

We are incredibly grateful for your trust in us and our products. As such, we will pull out all the stops to maintain and further this relationship. We genuinely hope to see you as our regular customer, and we’ll do everything within our power to keep you coming back for more.

Shop with Flamingo Sportswear – where quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction are our topmost priorities.

Rose Chapdelaine

Just received my order tonight. The shoes are gorgeous and really comfortable. Brilliant fit. I love them. Thank you so much! I will order from you again for sure.

Rose Chapdelaine / Clanton, AL


At Flamingo Sportswear, we believe in the individuality of each dancer, regardless of age or level of expertise. We maintain that everyone deserves to look and feel extraordinary. This belief is at the core of our operations and guides our design philosophy. As a brand, we take immense pride in our reputation as innovative designers, delivering not only exciting, eye-catching styles but also professional service and top-quality products.

Our expertise is grounded in American and European design education, and bolstered by over 15 years of custom design experience spanning both continents. This blend of knowledge and experience places us in a unique position to understand your specific needs and desires.

Whether you’re searching for a dreamy gown or the perfect leotard, we are confident that we can assist in bringing your vision to life. Trust in us, and experience the blend of style, comfort, and quality that is the hallmark of Flamingo Sportswear. Feel special, feel beautiful, feel unique – because you are.


We received the leotard on Saturday and my daughter LOVES it! Perfect fit and it’s a treasure to find leos actually made in the USA! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Loufren / Los Angeles, CA


At Flamingo Sportswear, we believe in continuous growth and improvement. Our web store is always evolving, and we value your input in this process. If you have any suggestions on how we can enhance your shopping experience, we’re all ears.

Your questions and proposals are important to us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or have an idea to share. We’re here to listen, learn, and adjust our operations to better serve you.

Remember, this is your store as much as it is ours, and your input is invaluable in helping us maintain a customer-friendly, engaging, and satisfying shopping experience. Connect with us today – we’re just a message away!


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