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Salsa is one of the many forms of Cuban dance that is incredibly well known in our days. In fact, around the world, in countries such as Italy, Spain, Egypt, Brazil and Cuba, ballroom dancing is gaining mass popularity. Therefore, whether you want to learn how to dance salsa to accept expend or unprejudiced have fun, here are some things to accept when you are started.

As mentioned above, salsa is one of the celebrated forms of traditional Cuban dance. Other steps include cha-cha, rumba and mambo. What makes salsa fresh, though, is that it is notorious for being one of the sexiest forms of ballroom dancing.

Salsa has an engaging history. It evolved from the rumba or son, primitive Cuban dances of the 1950′s. The extinguish of the communist revolution prompted the birth of such ragged dances. Movements of many Cuban dances are similar. No matter what, though, you cannot narrate that salsa dancing and other worn forms of Cuban dance are integral to the Cuban culture.

If you want to learn how to dance salsa, there is no substitute for a true visit to Cuba. There, you can visit the clubs of Havana and learn many salsa dancing techniques. Of course, not everyone can go to Cuba, but alternatively you can learn dancing online or purchase a class in a ballroom dance studio to learn some basics.

There are many styles of salsa dancing taught all over the world, so it is not difficult to learn a bit about it, but the unique traditional version could be founded only in Cuba. The mountainous thing about salsa dancing is that it is easy to learn the three basic dancing steps. However, to become a professional salsa dancer and gain mastery over the entire process could be very difficult. If you can manage to devote enough time for it, though, learning salsa can be a very rewarding experience.

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Flamingo Sportswear Belly Dance costumes

History of Belly Dance Costume

The Belly Dance costume on Arabic language called “Bedleh”- it is a Belly Dance skirt, belt and bodice decorated with beads.
The Belly Dance costume is directed on underlining of the plasticity and grace of the Belly Dancer. Richly embroidered by paillettes, beads, rhinestones or brilliant threads, the costume for Belly Dance transmits spirit of the East – hot, magnificent, sensual. Some national Belly Dance costumes, for example, of the Persian dancers, differ from costumes of a modern Belly Dance and can be very closed, leaving to the audience a painful innuendo about an artistic image and the performer of the dance.

Belly dance: history of emergence and development

Initially belly dance appeared in Egypt. The Belly dance was simply a dance, not connected with any ceremonies, and was executed for entertainment. With arrival to Egypt of Moslem popularity of belly dance started decreasing until practically came to naught. In the nineteenth century, after a gain French of Africa, the former bewitching art of belly dance started reviving and getting into the Western world.
Dance evolved and developed, changed under the influence of dances of the different countries – Greece, Turkey, North Africa, Persia, India, incorporated elements of the Gipsy and Spanish dances. Under “Raks Sharqi”, often mean “female solo dance”, unlike the folklore group. Dance with a large number of movements of hips is associated with Baladi now, and the center of movements is displaced up. In the western countries of Raks Sharqi becomes known as “belly dance”. This name came from the wrong interpretation of the term Baladi or from the French saying “Danse du Ventre.” In our days the “belly dance” sometimes is called “Cabaret” and it is very popular now around the world.
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How to Choose a Gymnastics Leotard

Are you interested to venture in the world of gymnastics but don’t know where to start? Enrolling on a gymnastics class is the best approach but you need to acquire the right outfits and routine tools beforehand. Among the wide array of gymnastics essentials, leotards are obviously the most important. This kind of outfit allows gymnasts to move freely while providing the needed support to keep them safe from injuries. Don’t worry about spending too much for this kind of gymnastic outfit since discount leotards are widely spread in various online shops nowadays. The only problem is that buying discount gymnastic leotard especially via the internet can lead to unsatisfying results if not carried out accordingly. To serve as your guide, here are some crucial tips that anyone interested about buying affordable leotards should follow to avoid future regrets.
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Standard/Smooth (Ballroom)


For ballroom, think a longer gown, but with some restrictions. You want to wear something
that’s not so long that you will step on it when you try to step backwards, but not too short, either – that’s
Latin. The dress should also be similar to an A-line cut – the skirt should flow and leave you plenty of
room to move your legs and plenty of room for your partner to be able to step in between your legs. It’s no
fun for anyone if every time your partner tries to take a step, his knees bounce off your dress because it’s
too tight! Black is all right, but colored is even better, let’s make people notice us!
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