Very Fine Unisex Dance Sneakers VFSN012 Black – Perfect for Every Dancer


  • Super Lightweight Construction: Dance like the wind with materials so light, you’ll barely feel them on your feet. The VFSN012 is engineered to maximize your mobility and endurance on the dance floor.
  • Split Gum Sole: Experience unparalleled flexibility and grip. The split gum sole design ensures that every step, turn, and slide is executed with precision and confidence.
  • Breathable Upper: A harmonious blend of synthetic mesh and suede ensures your feet stay cool under pressure. This combination offers durability without sacrificing comfort or style.
  • PU Outsole: The polyurethane outsole strikes the perfect balance between traction and the ability to glide, making these sneakers suitable for a variety of dance floors.
  • Professional Midsole Cushioning: Full-length midsole cushioning provides the support you need for long rehearsals or performances, ensuring every jump and step is as comfortable as the first.
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