Very Fine Shoe Sizing Charts

Please try on your dance shoes on a clean, soft surface to prevent the soiling of the suede soles.

Shoes with soiled soles or shoes which have been used on a hard surface cannot be returned for credit or exchange.

Choosing the proper dance shoes is crucial, and the fitting process is where it all begins. It’s vital to remember that both of your feet are unique. As such, one foot can often differ in length and shape from the other. This is why it’s essential to try on both shoes. A perfect fit is one where the shoes snugly envelop your feet without causing any discomfort. This snug fit is critical for maintaining balance as you move on the dance floor. It means that every part of the shoe, from the heel to the toe box, should be filled by your foot without feeling overly tight or restrictive.

Unfit shoes can drastically affect your dance performance. If your feet can move easily within the shoes, it becomes difficult to maintain control over your balance. Shoes that are too loose can cause your feet to slide and shift, leading to unstable movements. This instability can alter your dance posture and can even lead to potential injuries.

Hence, finding the right-fitting shoe becomes a non-negotiable aspect of your dance journey. A well-fitted shoe can enhance your performance by offering the perfect blend of comfort and stability. Remember, dancing is an art that involves your entire body, and the right footwear is your solid foundation. So, take the time to find shoes that fit you well and help you dance with confidence and grace.

Shoe Sizes

At, we strive to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible for our customers, especially when it comes to selecting the correct shoe size. We understand the challenge customers might face due to the different shoe size standards worldwide. To simplify the process, all our shoes are available and labeled in US sizes. When placing an order, we only ask for your US street size. However, we acknowledge the need of our customers who are familiar with foreign shoe size systems.

To cater to these needs, we have provided shoe size conversion charts on our site. These charts serve as a bridge between the US shoe sizes and their foreign counterparts – UK, European, and Japanese shoe sizes. It’s important to note that these charts are meant to be used as a guideline only. They provide approximate equivalents to foreign shoe sizes, which are a good starting point when you are converting your shoe size from one standard to another.

Nevertheless, we also understand that personal experience plays a significant role in determining the right shoe size. So, while our size conversion charts are accurate approximations, your own experience with shoe sizes is invaluable. If you’ve purchased shoes in a foreign size before, you might have a clearer understanding of what fits best. Hence, we encourage you to use our conversion charts alongside your personal shoe size experiences for the best fit possible. This combined approach can help you choose the perfect dance shoes.

Very Fine Fitting and Shoe Sizing Charts

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Foreign Shoe Size to US Conversion Guide | Flamingo Sportswear

Foreign Shoe Size to US Conversion Guide | Flamingo Sportswear

Foreign Shoe Size to US Conversion Guide | Flamingo Sportswear

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